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Introducing our FLEX Program

Flexible on how you want to sell your property? Our new Flex program offers homeowners the maximum value for their property, the ability to earn passive income on their equity, and prices higher than market value!

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Receiving an offer from Sprout is free, and comes with absolutely no obligation.



Sprout is the easiest way to sell your home. Skip all the stress of listing, and even earn passive income on your property. We mainly buy single family and multifamily residential homes, but we also purchase a significant amount of commercial property and land.

What types of properties does Sprout purchase?

Like almost any other real estate transaction, we use either a title company or law firm (depending on the state). These companies ensure title is legitimate and then issue title insurance for the property to protect both parties.

How does the transaction work?



Harold Nash

Sprout's offer came right near our appraisal, and we never had to list the house or do showings.

And even better - it was the absolute easiest!

Kurt Boyd

They went out of their way to help us, and guide us through the process. They really do care!